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About Save Century II

We'd love to tell you more about Save Century II and the selfless work we do. Century II is the largest entertainment complex in Wichita and has long been home to the Wichita Symphony Orchestra, Wichita Grand Opera, Music Theatre Wichita Music Theatre, and Music Theatre for Young People. A recent decision has been revealed to demolish the building in order to make way for new development in the area. This spurred us into action, and through public discussion and decision, we decided it was vital to our community to save Century II.

Save Century II members are in the process of petitioning the National Register of Historic Places to recognize Century II as a National and State historic landmark. Gaining this designation will allow us to seek tax credits and grants for the building, which can be used for renovations that honor the architectural significance of the structure while keeping it safe and relevant for future use.

Please check out our Facebook and Instagram pages and spread the word. Save Century II is an organic, grassroots organization that is growing fast. We're making our voice heard at city hall and are always looking for volunteers to help. Your donation will help with this worthwhile project.

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Read more about Save Century II and the plans we have. Thank you in advance for your support.