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Preserving an iconic part of America's architectural history is the important job of Save Century II. As our name might suggest, we are a dedicated group of citizens working to ensure that the Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center remains a vibrant part of our community. The architectural and historical significance of this building cannot be understated. We don't want to see it disappear from our city. If you're interested in helping keep this historic landmark around for generations to come, please join our other Century II supports in Wichita, Kansas, today!

We are also exploring options for repurposing this historic facility if a new Wichita performing arts center is built in the future. You can help our efforts by signing our petition, buying a t-shirt, or posting a yard sign. You can also donate to our cause. Any monetary support is tax-deductible and greatly appreciated by our group. Contact us today if you'd like to learn more about this grassroots movement to save Century II.

Click on the links below for more information:

  • NATIONAL REGISTRY WRITE UP - Read the write up on Century II Performing arts
  • USMODERNIST RADIO - CELESTE RACETTE INTERVIEW - Podcast interview with Celeste Racette and Kyle Bergman
  • CROWSON: DON’T KNOCK CENTURY II - RADIO DITTY - listen to Richard Crowson sing his little ditty on Century II
  • CENTURY II AERIAL VIEW - Drone Photography showing an overview of Century II and the surrounding landscape

Join forces with us today to save Century II.
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Receive a Save Century II T-Shirt for your donation of $20. Please include $5 for postage and handling.

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